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Jul/Aug – In this issue

Hello dance-trainers, we have just released our Jul/Aug Full-Time Performing Arts Guide for 2018. This issue is dedicated to the dancer embarking on full-time dance training. [...]

Suppliers 2017

Click to see your dance Suppliers Photographers, Videographers, Backdrop Hire, Dance Photographers & Videographers Backdrop Hire Scenic Studios Dance Studio Supplies [...]

Syllabi & Associations 2017

Click to see all Syllabi & Associations Acrobatic Arts Australasian Dance Association The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Australian Dance Institute Ready, Set, Dance [...]

Eisteddfods & Competitions 2017

COMPETITIONS A quick guide… By Rachael Sutton Show… Location… Location is a key consideration; as a general rule anything under a one-hour drive is best… you [...]

Part-time Dance School guide

Every year parents and guardians just like you consider the extra curricular activities their child will participate in. With dance the second most popular activity for young [...]


Each year dancetrain asks a leading group of performing arts healthcare professionals to talk about their expertise and experiences plus any new technological developments in [...]


Understanding how you work and what motivates you can get you to your goals faster. What you currently do with ease provides clues to what motivates you. The things that make [...]

Positioned by Fashion

Positioned by Fashion: By Adrian Clarke, L.O.C.A.D. – Library of Costume and Design Imagine if fashion determined a whole new dance style? Well, this is how Ballet began [...]
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