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The Acrobatic Arts Syllabus is a comprehensive 12 level program and is available to all dance teachers (certification with Acrobatic Arts is not required to purchase the syllabus). All updates, revisions and additions will be instantly added without any additional cost to you. It is delivered through an online website (log on from any divice with a username and password) and an iOS app that can be downloaded to your iPad, iPod or iPhone. Monthly subscription and payment plans available.

Included with this syllabus:

Acrobatic Arts Manual
Lesson Plan
Drills for Strength, Flexibility, Cardio
Tutorials on Bridges, Handstands and Splits
Glossaries for Terminology and Partner work
The entire Acrobatic Arts Syllabus (over 350 skills, presented in progression over 12 levels)
Accessory skills (filling in the gaps between the levels) – Over 100 additional skills
Videos for placement on spotting
Videos for partner work
Videos for transitions
‘Analyze Student’ (available on the iOS app only) – Video your dancer and compare him/her with the videos in the syllabus
‘My Program’ (available on the iOS app only) – A choreography tool, used for planning
Teaching tools
Pre school colouring pages
Stretch of the Month
* The Acrobatic Arts System is constantly being updated and revised, these revisions will sync instantly with your device as they come available.

NOTE: Teachers who certify though Acrobatic Arts are entitled to a 50% discount off our video syllabus and app! Contact Acrobatic Arts to find out how!