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Contact: Sam Hayde
Address 166-170 Delaware Road Horsley Park NSW 2175 Australia Mobile: 0413 75 43 43 Phone: 02 9620 1658 Website: itsproductions.com.au


ITS Productions

“I have worked with dancers since 1998, and one of the things I love is how each year they grow and develop their skills. On top of that I have seen this amazing passion that they exude.” – David Mezey from In The Spotlight Productions

DT: How do you ensure fabulous results for concert videos?
David: To get the best DVD possible it’s important to:
– Confirm the venue can get an even white wash of light over the whole stage.
– Make sure the venue can supply an audio feed for the videographer.
– If possible, add tap microphones to the stage to hear the tap clearly.
– Try to use a white backdrop, not a black background, on stage. The white background can then be lit according to the mood of the item.
– Ensure the location for the cameras allows for filming over the top of the audience’s heads.
– The wide camera should be dead centre with the stage.
– Make sure you communicate any requirements clearly to the Camera Crew and Editor.

02 9620 1658
[email protected]

About ITS Productions

ITS Productions is part of the Alpha Omega Video Group. With a background in the TV and Film Industry, we have produced dance concerts since 1998.
With an expertise in live concerts, we have become known for producing exceptionally high quality products with friendly service.
ITS doesn’t just film your concert, we partner with you in helping grow your school to be the best it can be.
Once you are a part of ITS Productions, all of our extra services such as Promos and Highlights clips receive a 50-75% discount.

Call Sam on 0458 580 149 for more information about Concert Videos.

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