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Australian Dance Vision – ADV

Address 1188 Pacific Highway PYMBLE NSW 2073 Australia Phone: 02 9449 4212 Website: adv.org.au


Australian Dance Vision (ADV)

“We not only aim to train young dancers and improve their self worth, but also future choreographers, teachers and dance arts administrators by promoting wider alternate career pathways ” Penny Lancaster – founder & curriculum director

Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary Syllabus

Dance students are more than supple bodies to be manipulated by teachers and choreographers – they also have minds and needs beyond dance as growing individuals. ADV has pioneered a new holistic approach to fill the “mind-body” gap in traditional dance education.
Australian owned, ADV’s comprehensive assessment processes nurture students to gain confidence and knowledge, not just technique, being examined against high objective benchmarks, not one student against another, or the opinion of an assessor.
Students progress at their own pace encouraged towards broader approaches to their technical dance studies. Students can be graded or an assessment report and comment only – their choice – also complemented by external VET training from ADi.
Progressive parents welcome that students’ minds are opened to wider creative pathways beyond sole pursuit of the “prima ballerina” dream.
ADV schools welcome all students from pre-school through to professional level. ADV teachers undertake regular professional development workshops.
ADV programs are taught in professional, positive and supportive learning environments that foster personal growth and expression, within a student-centric and supportive code of practice.
The Abbotsleigh School for Girls, an ADV/ADi certified school on Sydney’s North Shore, uses the ADV-ADi Endorsed Jazz curriculum: “…the courses offer the girls a genuine holistic approach to dance training. I believe the combination of technical work and theoretical elements – particularly nutrition and anatomy – provide a distinctive and essential foundation for young dancers. The sensitive approach to assessment, and the fact that they are an Australian company just add to the benefits!“ Sofie Clark ADi Certified Teacher and Assessor