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“Their passion and enthusiasm towards their craft is constantly translated into their performances and in turn captured in their concert recordings. It gives us something exciting and new to record and experience ourselves.” – Geoff Costello from Costello Video

DT: Is watching a dress rehearsal part of the process? Why/why not?
Geoff: Having the opportunity to watch a dress rehearsal before any performance would greatly help the video production process. Not only do we get to see the performance and note any key moments in show, it also allows us to make any technical suggestions to enhance the end product i.e. slight tweaks on lighting looks to ensure the content looks best for recording. Unfortunately at times it isn’t financially viable to provide staff to be at rehearsals, and in turn this means the client has to pick up the cost. Alternatively, we accept blocking sheets from schools prior to their show. These highlight keys moments in certain items that need to be captured. This is a fantastic step towards creating a great video production.
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We are one of the leading video producers in Melbourne.

Costello Video provides filming and video production services on location and from our state-of-the-art studio in Melbourne.

We take care of every aspect of shooting, editing and producing our films to provide a complete video production service to clients and customers from many different areas.

Videos are our passion
Our family business has been established for over 30 years and was born out of an enduring passion for filmmaking. We have since worked hard to build an impeccable reputation as one of Australia’s leading production companies.

The videos we produce are much more than a single shot from a camera sat on a tripod, or a man wandering around with a movie camera.

We approach each and every project with the devotion of real filmmakers to capture your event, occasion or project with professional style. Your memories deserve no less.

With a job as important as preserving some of the most precious moments of our clients’ lives, we always ensure we are at the cutting edge of technological advances, in what is already a fast-moving industry. To that end, we use only the latest cameras, equipment, and editing facilities.

With extensive experience, skilled operators and most importantly, the passion and vision, you can be sure that your memories are in safe hands with Costello Video. And, as regular proud winners of the Australian Video Producers Association Awards, we are confident you’ll love our work too!