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“I am constantly amazed by the physical ability of today’s dancers and the shapes and movements they can create with their bodies. I enjoy the challenge of capturing images that show a dancer’s talent in their best light.” – Aaron Couch from DANCEvision.tv

DT: Any tips to prevent customers losing their files from USBs and digital downloads?
Aaron: It is important to use the safe eject method when removing a USB from your computer, this ensures the computer stops using the USB before you remove it, preventing the files from becoming corrupted. Of course the best method to protect your files is to make a secondary backup of them either on your computer or an external hard drive.
If you receive your files via digital download you should save them to your computer as soon as possible as most download links will have an expiry date.
Whilst we always keep an archive of our customers’ orders and are happy to provide access in any of the abovementioned events, it can cause some inconvenience and may incur additional costs.

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