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“Dancers are incredibly passionate and motivated, putting in so much hard work to their dance journey. I love providing them with a collection of images as a unique keepsake for years to come.” – Renate Hechter from Pure Dynamics Photography

DT: What essential qualities are a must for a dance photographer?
Renate: The most important quality is to have a very good understanding of dance technique and posing. No dancer wants imagery that doesn’t show their excellent technique in a creative setting. You need to make sure you understand the exact requirements of the dancer, studio and/or parents. A telephone or one-to-one consultation is necessary to determine expectations, outfits, location and the vision for the end result.
Patience is an essential component, as many poses require a few shots.
Everything has to come together to ensure a beautiful image. Hands, feet, legs, face, the setting and of course, the light.

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