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Contact: Tim Blaikie
Address 23-25 Raglan Street PRESTON VIC 3072 Australia Phone: 03 9416 9611 Work Fax: 03 9416 8868 Skype: showworks Website: showworks.com.au


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DT: What are the short and long term benefits of a sprung floor?
Tim Blaikie: What are the short and long term benefits of a sprung floor?
Tim Blaikie: A FIBA rated semi-sprung dance floor improves dancers experience through comfort of movement and reduction of injuries. Shin splints and associated injuries can be significantly reduced by dancing on a floor that offers 60% force reduction.
Be sure to check:
– Can the floor be removed at a later date
– Has it been rated by FIBA or a similar body for shock absorption
– Does it come with a warranty, typically 10 years is standard.
Whilst a case can be made for installing a permanent sprung floor due to its perceived initial cost benefits, from a capital expenditure perspective the benefits of having a removable floor is significant. A quality semi sprung dance floor can typically be picked up and moved to another venue should the need arise.
Avoid being pressured into buying something you don’t need, shop around and make sure you are getting the floor that suits your needs. Expensive alternatives often offer nothing more than a more affordably priced option. Get in touch to discuss your studio and sprung floor needs Australia wide.

03 9416 9611