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DT: What are the benefits of a dance tour?
Kimberly Aukett: The purpose of World Class Dance Tours is to inspire and empower dancers to seek their true passion, learn how to make it happen and expose them to possibilities. Whether they want to be a professional dancer, or not, our dance tours deliver insight, understanding and inspiration to be successful in whatever they choose.
Many dance studio owners rebook tours every couple of years due to the powerful, positive impact the tour has on themselves, their dancers and their studio as a whole.
Dancers are exposed to a range of dance styles and disciplines, work with top choreographers and studios, perform at world-famous landmarks, and learn how the dance industry operates and what it takes to be a successful professional dancer. We also offer invaluable personal development, empowering dancers with mindset tools and techniques that can be used in all areas of life. Dancers come away inspired with improved dance technique, new-found life skills, self confidence, and life-long friendships.
Studio owners gain insights into how to run a successful dance studio, new choreography ideas, new teaching methods and a deeper understanding of the industry.