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First Position Australia – AUDITION 1

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First Position Australia – AUDITION 1 –

When: 6 Aug 2017

Bookings: firstpositionaustralia.com

Info: full-time-auditions

2018 Full-Time Training Program

2018 Intensive Ballet Program – Ages 7 – 10 years Junior Division, 11 – 18 years Pre-Professional Division

Based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, First Position Australia presents a revolutionary approach to dance training which prepares promising dancers for their professional career. Our 3-year, full-time ballet course gives each carefully chosen student a fully integrated system of tuition and support for their mind, body and soul so they emerge the best dancer they can be: future leading lights on the world stage.

First Position also offers a full timetable of afternoon classes in a broad spectrum of styles, for all levels and ages, taught by leading local and international teachers.

First Position Australia - AUDITION 1 http://www.dancetrain.com.au/events/first-position-australia-audition-1/ical/