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GRACE Presented by Judith Wright Centre & EmmaSerjeantPerformance – Qld

When: Wednesday 27 until Saturday 30 July 2016
Venue:The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Hours: 7.30pm
judithwrightcentre.com or phone 07 3872 9000
Ticket prices including concession & booking fees: Full: $42 Concession: $36 Groups (6+): $36 each School Groups (10+): $20 (1 teacher free per 10 students)
Info: judithwrightcentre.com Grace is based on a popular, successful, happy woman: loving her life and her hidden wild-side. Then, catastrophe. Will she fall forward into the unknown or jerk back to the familiar?

Grace is an intimate journey through five life-changing seconds of a woman’s existence and creator/performer Emma Serjeant brings superb physical and performance skills to this simple story.

Emma has been described by Total Theatre as being “ridiculously talented” with her performance skills being noted as “extraordinary”and “awe- inspiring”.

Of Emma’s work on stage, The West Australian states that Emma “builds an equation where movement equals energy equals emotion, and manipulates it expertly.”

Created by Emma Serjeant (EmmaSerjeantPerformance – ESP) and John Britton (DUENDE), with original music by Ben Ely (REGURGITATOR) you do not want to miss this provocative, dynamic, exquisite piece of circus theatre #atthejudy this July.

See it in Brisbane for four exclusive shows only before Grace hits the Edinburgh Fringe this August, tickets on sale now!

Serjeant has an overflowing bag of acrobats’ sometimes contortionists’ trick at her disposal and you’re constantly amazed, captivated an entertained by how she uses them. *****
The West Australian

As the show ends, I walk out into the Spiegelgarden, feeling like a rabbit caught in the headlights, dazzled by this extraordinary experience.
Total Theatre

Show creator & Performer
Emma Serjeant is an internationally renowned circus maker with a distinctive style. Creating original circus works permeated by a raw, compelling presence and honesty. Emma considers circus to be a dynamic and unique artform displaying great strength, courage and discipline. After graduating from the National Institute of Circus Arts (Melbourne) in 2006 Emma launched her circus career. First founding a multi art form rehearsal space and venue in Melbourne before moving to Brisbane to work with C!RCA as an ensemble member for three years. She then devoted another year to the C!RCA training centre as Head Trainer and Youth Circus Director where she developed skills as a producer and creative leader. In late 2011 Emma co-founded Casus Circus. Casus quickly became an international powerhouse with their hit show ‘Knee Deep’, winning multiple awards and touring the world extensively. During her 4 years as Executive Director of Casus Circus, Emma developed several new shows including her critically acclaimed solo work which in 2016 developed into the current touring production ‘Grace’. In 2016 Emma set sail into open waters as an independent artist, producer, and rising circus director. With the simple premise; ‘Amazing Humans Doing Amazing Things!’ Emma founded her own production house ESP – EmmaSerjeantPerformance. Emma continues to push the limitations of circus and movement with bold, quirky and captivating performances. She delights in finding different ways to express and evoke emotion. She has a keen interest in the space between the circus tricks, and in collaborating with other art forms, to present work that extends the definition of circus and
connects deeply with audiences.

GRACE http://www.dancetrain.com.au/events/grace/ical/