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The Ultimate Dance Challenge

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The Ultimate Dance Challenge

Info: tudc.com.au

5 Day Solo Challenge @ Mounties Mt Pritchard 1st, 22nd & 29th May and 5th & 12th June
Solos|Duos|Trios|Championship @ Cherrybrook 11th – 15th July
Solos|Duos|Trios|Championship @ Manly 26th – 30th September
The Ultimate Ballet Scholarship @ Mounties Mt Pritchard 24th September . Finals 16th October @ Mounties Mt Pritchard
Troupe Challenge @ Cherrybrook 30th & 31st July and 6th & 7th August . Finals 16th October @ Mounties Mt Pritchard
Troupe Challenge @ Mounties 14th, 21st & 28th August . Finals 16th October @ Mounties Mt Pritchard
Troupe Challenge @ Central Coast 17th & 18th September . Finals 16th October @ Mounties Mt Pritchard
Educational Showcase @ Cherrybrook 6th August . Finals 16th October @ Mounties Mt Pritchard
Troupe Finals @ Mounties Mt Pritchard 16th October

From the moment you arrive, everyone who takes part in a The Ultimate Dance Challenge event (TUDC), from studio directors, dance instructors and dance students, to parents and grandparents, will recognize that TUDC is a unique competition experience.
Since 1996, Natalie Brock, has strived to create a competition with a personal touch. Throughout the years, her success is evident by the ever-growing numbers of returning customers, who are also considered friends. Natalie has created these lasting relationships by providing participating teachers, dancers and parents with a very positive, personal experience at each of her events.
TUDC staff endeavor to speak personally with each Studio Director and as many parents and performers as possible at every competition. These efforts have enabled the “TUDC Family” feeling that so many of our customers are familiar with, and return each year to experience.
Our Stage Managers are friendly, professional and ready and able to assist with the timing of performances and the management of the backstage area, and are also an integral part of why TUDC is known to run on time. We value your time, and make diligent efforts to provide the most accurate schedule possible.
To those of you who are already a part of the “TUDC Family”, we look forward to seeing you again soon. We can’t wait to see how much you’ve accomplished since we last met. For those who are seeking a positive competition experience with a personal touch, we can’t wait to meet you! Please visit the website for all competition information.

The Ultimate Dance Challenge http://www.dancetrain.com.au/events/the-ultimate-dance-challenge/ical/