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Jan/Feb – In this issue

Dancetrain Magazine Jan/Feb 2018 Issue
We dedicate this issue to your Dancing Feet
Dancers sit on the floor a lot and have a unique relationship with their feet. They touch their feet, massage them, inspect the toes, roll balls underneath them and all of us learn at a very young age to be meticulous about keeping our toe nails at a certain length. We know that our shoes need to be fitted perfectly but when you first start dancing does the dance shoe fit really matter? Absolutely, those shoes need to be an extension of your feet. We talk to the experts about why. 

What else is inside this Issue?
Azariah Kavana, Rachel Chisholm, Mackenzie Thompson, Courtney Murray, Molly Sawyer, Christina Osianlis, Charlie Slater, Saskia Vogt, Archie Hill, Josh Brown and Laura Van Loon from studios: Dance Lane, Atelier AustraliaAmanda Bollinger Dance AcademyThe Conlan CollegeJoanne Grace School of DanceJason Coleman's Ministry Of DanceKRS DanceMelbourne Academy of the ArtsThe McDonald CollegeRambert SchoolMilibelle Pointe Shoes, Prix de Lausanne, Sheridan's Studio 1Gold Coast EisteddfodACPEEttingshausens Dance Theatre Martial ArtsTanya Pearson Classical Coaching AcademyKelly Aykers Full Time Dance and Van Loon Dance Academy: all get a very special mention (with a pic) in 'Feel Good Stories'.

Village Nation Performing Arts

Village Nation Performing Arts 2017 Graduation

There are double page pics fest of: Dance Force 2017 Graduation, Village Nation 2017 Graduation, The Australian Ballet, David McAllister's 'The Sleeping Beauty', Sharp Short Dance 2017 award winners, Kids Artistic Revue AU and Australian Institute for Classical Dance. Featured dancers and studios in these spreads include: Hannah Millott, Ella Nichols, Will McPherson, Devante Lattore, Imogen Cope, Tayla Long, Kira Stray, Matisse Lewis, Matthew Maxwell, Kayla Van den Bogert, Emma Dowling, Ashlee Crowe, Joshua Green, Jessica Hewett, Alexander Borg, Karlia Cook, Caylan Spendlove, Eden Zerk and Rore Rutene, Nataly Fellow, Natalija Mihailovic, Emma Nguyen, Karen Nguyen and Jenny Huynh, Paul and Frank Barbara (aka DoubleDigits), Olivia Callaghan and Mikayla Bayliss. Representing their studios: L.I.K.E. Dance, Village NationAnnette Roselli Dance Academy, Karen Ireland Dance Centre, The Jane Moore Academy of BalletThe Australian Conservatoire of BalletKRS Dance, Excite Dance And Cheer and Evolution Performance Centre.
These guys each get their own full page poster!
Grace Bosward, Kayla Van Den Bogert, Nicola Jones, Jordan Kim, Hannah Millot & Kira Stray, Meg Higgins, Spin Circus, Emily Chilvers, Janae Kerr, Elle Dimos, Emma Dulvey – representing their studios: Terry Simpson Studios,
Karen Ireland Dance Centre, Classical Coaching Australia, The McDonald CollegeDance ForceThe Beau-Rock Ballet SchoolNational Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)Spin CircusTanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy and Village Nation.

We have TWO double page spreads with an image of all of these Australian Institute of Classical Dance International Ballet Awards Competitors! 
Ada Sayasane, Emma Dowling, Eoghan Somery, Beth Edward, Bree Jakupec, Grace Bosward, Grace Boysen, Amelia Menzies, Emily Duhne, Isabelle Despoja, Hana Glasgow-Palmer, Emily Homann, Hugo Dumapit, Joshua Green, Indiana McCann, Chelsea Mullane, Bianca Juelg, Amara McHugh, Ashlee Crowe, Claire McCormack, Caitlin Garlick, Amy Clisby, Adelaide Franklin, Alicia Mason, Amy Gallery, Caitlin Grant, Emily Zilm, Gabrielle Mitchell, Chantelle Bing, Erin Green, Abbey Lavery, Paloma Hendry-Hodsdon, Nichola Schapendonk, Missy Krilic, Mia Smedley, Shalani Wood, Samantha Moredo, Sakura Ota, Renae Shepherd, Sophia Valentinis, Zoe McFarlane, Rose Maloney, Maya Nye, Zoe Brady, Sophie Ross, Shontaya Smedley, Oscar Dews, Ryu Bautista, Matthew Maxwell, Maltisse Lewis, Mahaelia Campbell, Kayla Van Den Bogert, Jade Mitchell, Jemima Robon, Kirralee Jones, Matthew Jordan, Sarah Rose, Sarah Clisby, Maya Smulders, Layne Hampson, Lara Beverley, Phoebe Surman, Maddison Faye Weiley, My Le, Nicola Jones. Representing their studios: Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, The Jane Moore Academy of Ballet, Dance School of Distinction, The Australian Conservatoire of BalletTerry Simpson Studios, Carisma Dance and Fitness, Sandringham Ballet, Norwood Ballet Centre, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Susans Classique Dance Academy, The McDonald College, THE ACADEMY of Classical Ballet, Kay Cranwell, Karen Ireland Dance Centre, Classical Coaching Australia, National College Of Dance and Alegria Ballet School.

And all of these guys have a photo in our Jan/Feb issue
Gabriel Rogers, Lucy Christodoulou, Isobelle Collie, Audrey Sguario, Isabel Foord, Mackenzie Thompson, Holly Johnston, Lara Bolger, Ella Ladds & Maya Kimpton, Simone Clement & Azariah Kavana, Ever Chaffey, Audrey Gibson, Kallee Richardson, Darcy Ward, Sienna Tuaea-Smith, Zara Hart, Aria Keenan & Charlotte O'Neill, Demi Sammut, Emily Watson, Lucinda Monger, Michelle Slater-Coyne, Emily Chilvers, Ellen Johnston & Ava Martin, Taya Barnard, Chloe Malek, Telea Jensen, Millie Wenham, Luciana Lopez, Georgia Webb, Emma-Rose Barrowclough and Kate Astorquia. They represent the following dance schools: Cowra Ballet School​, Australian Dance Performance Institute​All That Jazz Dance Studio​, All Starz Performing Arts Studio, ACPE​The Beau-Rock Ballet School​Bayside DanceAmanda Bollinger Dance Academy​Annette Roselli Dance Academy​, Brisbane Performing Arts Academy​Bling Performing ArtsAtelier Australia​Coastal DanceDancewest Studios, Dance Lane​, Dynamic Performing Arts​Helen Curwood Dance Centre​, Jan Pianta School of Dance​Kimberley Woodger Dance Academy, Joanne Grace School of Dance​Ettingshausens Dance Theatre Martial Arts​Jason Coleman's Ministry Of Dance​Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance​, Entertainment Unlimited Dance Centre​, Dynamite Studios Australia​Kim Harvey School of DanceKRS Dance​Melbourne Academy of the ArtsMichelle Slater Performing Arts Studio​Gold Coast Eisteddfod​, Leisa Payne School of Dance, Movements Academy of DanceQueensland National Ballet School​National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)Neutral Bay School of Dance​Shilleena's Dance AcademyThe Conlan CollegeValerie Smith Stage School​, SCIPA School of Dance​, Promenade Dance Studio​North Shore Dance AcademySydney College of Dance​Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching AcademyThe Teresa Johnson Ballet School​New Zealand School of Dance​Top Jazz Ballet​The Jazz Factory​Strictly Dance​ and Tempo Red Academy​.

And the pièce de résistance
Our divinely talented AICD International Ballet Award Winners on the cover!

Matthew Maxwell from Annette Roselli Dance Academy
Ashlee Crowe from The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet
Maltisse Lewis from The Jane Moore Academy of Ballet

That is a whole lot of Aussie dancers doing what they love… Make sure you visit your local dance shop to pick up the Jan/Feb Issue today! 

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