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If you are considering full-time dance studies over the next couple of years we have a smorgasbord of options for you to choose from.

Hello fabulous dancers,

If you are considering full-time dance studies over the next couple of years we have a smorgasbord of options for you to choose from. For many of these businesses we have personally known the owners for over 10 years and any new comers are vetted by speaking with past students and looking at success ratings of graduates. With 100s of courses to choose from this country is at the top of its field in performing arts training. So how do you decide?

What do you want to get out of your training?
Contacts, development, excellent training in one particular genre, triple threat training, university degree?

What sort of environment do you thrive in?
One on one, big groups, structured classes, varied classes?

How do you cope with criticism and corrections?
Would an onsite councillor be of benefit?

Are you prepared to travel?
Have you ever been away form home, do you know how to cook, wash your own clothes, pay bills?
Answering some of these questions will help you to determine the best course for you because understanding your strengths and weaknesses is key to a successful meld between you and your chosen institution.

In our latest issue we have some very cool interviews with ex full-timers who have headed overseas for further study and employment. We also have a lovely story from a dancer who took her life in a different direction after full-time.

One of the most pressing questions amongst parents of young dancers wishing to pursue full-time training with the end result of achieving a career in dance is…

Does my child have to leave home and country as young as 15 years of age?

To help these parents make an informed choice we asked the Artistic Directors who will eventually be their childs employers why this might or might not be necessary.

David McAllister from The Australian Ballet, Li Cunxin from the Queensland Ballet, Aurélien Scannella from West Australian Ballet, Kevin O’Hare from The Royal Ballet, Kyle Page from Dancenorth, Natalie Weir from Expressions Dance Company and Martin and Michelle Sierra from Victorian State Ballet join the ‘age debate’.

Another very relevant issue for dancers considering full-time is predicting puberty impact so we ask in-house physiotherapist Katie Godwin and Deb Wright from Kinetica Physiotherapy what to look out for. Psychologically navigating the tween to teen time period can also impact full-time decisions so we chat with in-house psychologist Kate Fennessy on tips to help.

There are very cool photo spreads of National College of Dance – Peter & The Wolf, Ballet Brothers Sydney Workshops, Qld ballet’s Firebird in rehearsals and Australian Institute of Classical Dance Houston Ballet Academy Scholarships.

Look out for the divine QDSE graduate, Courtney Casaceli on our cover!


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