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Sep/Oct – In this issue

We have invited over 30 dance teachers from around the country to give their expert advice on how to start your first full-time course. Three resounding messages include:

1. Know Your Body: Spend the break over Christmas getting your mind and body ready for full-time. Now is the time for cardio, stretching, seeing your physio and getting your food intake sorted. Now is not the time to do nothing. The data tell us if you don’t prepare your body for full-time you will get injured.

2. When you start – work consistently, so don’t go hard for the first week, injure yourself and then have to pull-back. Set the pace you can maintain. This will get you noticed and will be a good bench mark for the journey ahead.

3. Respect: You, your friends, your parents and your teachers. You have done your homework to find the best institution and teachers for you, now is the time to trust them.

We have coupled this Teachers Guide with our Bodywise Feature to give you a whole bunch of data and facts about the dancer and their bodies. What is likely to stress you? Can you manage your own injuries? What are injectables? Why is it important (and will make you a better dancer) to keep other activities in your life other than dance? What happens when you do get injured? Where should you go? We have interviewed 20 top dance specialists around the country and we strongly recommend you start with one of these. They know what they are talking about and they will understand you.

Freelance mega dancer, Joseph Simons, who is never out of work gives you real advice for picking up chorey quickly.

Ballerina extraordinaire Clare Morehen gives real advice for full-time.

There are so many fabulous posters for your walls to create a collage of motivation – get out the blue-tak.

We have featured student dancers from AICD SA Awards, Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge, the 2016 Australasian Dance Association Dance Championships and all of our recommended Part-time schools.

There are over 40 local stories from your dance world.

And the pièce de résistance!

20 students from around the country on the cover!!! I toured the country to shoot each of thee dancers and they were all friggin amazing for 20 very different reasons. They were chosen by their Summer School directors. We call it The National Student Star Award – NSSA for short. We do it every year. All you have to do is attend a summer school as advertised in dancetrain’s Nov/Dec issue. Then you have to prove your dedication, work ethic all whilst performing.

This year we have Cameron Homes who really needs no intro. He has taken about every prize there is this year including the winner of the Senior Cecchetti International Ballet Competition in Florence! In the studio Cameron was calm and deliberate with an eye for detail. He trains with Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy. Charlie Slater from The McDonald College was dynamic and so grounded and despite the obstacles his body throws at him his love of ballet is paramount. Keeley Banks from Sheridan’s’ Studio 1 was sunshine, so easy to work with and ready to try anything I thew at her. Joseph Mallon from Fiona’s Studio of Dance had no idea what to expect but it didn’t stop him giving me his all. Amelia Dawe from The Australian Ballet School did two back to back classes before our shoot, had 10 minutes to do her makeup and hair and with most of her class mates watching our shoot through the windows in our 15 minutes together she nailed it – such a beautiful professional dancer. Lara Beverley from National College of Dance was a rocket, who very easily adjusted her lines to get that perfect shot. Harrison Bailey from Brent Street is going to be a star – so charismatic and talented and yet still just 14! Wren Gillet from Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance was divine to work with – every line was beautiful and she performed for every shot. Matthew Maxwell from Annette Roselli Dance Academy is another one that I hope we don’t lose overseas. Would really love to see him perform into adulthood. Helen Johnstone from Joanne Grace School of Dance has it all, strength, technique and elegance. Mackenzie Thompson from Atelier Australia has the most divine lines, her feet and legs, neck – exquisite. Holly Neale from Follow Your Dreams is a contemporary powerhouse, I can see her in ADT. Caitlyn Mikkelsen from Promenade Dance Studios was a pleasure to work with, listened to corrections with ease and adapted movements perfectly – I can see why her teaches love her. Mia Redmond from Terry Simpson Studios was so lovely and elegant working with a quite deliberate attention to detail. Abigail Wells from North Shore Dance Academy blew me away with an attack and performance well beyond her years. Ruby Fitzpatrick from The Next Step Performing Arts was a powerhouse of confidence. Ryley Boardman from The Qld National Ballet commanded attention for her dedication to the technique of ballet. Our three youngest NSSA recipients: Morgan Renolds from MCB, Hayley Keating from VSB and Jessie Harrison from International Ballet Workshop are all just starting out on this journey and yet their dedication, appreciation and love of the art form is evident and focussed and far from just starting out. Thank you dancers for trusting me. Thank you to their families for making time for our shoot.

If you haven’t got the latest issue yet, get it now. I promise you, once read, it will leave you feeling stronger, more knowledgeable and connected to a whole industry.

Founder and Editor

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