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If you are considering full-time dance studies over the next couple of years we have a smorgasbord of options for you to choose from.

Hello fabulous dancers,

If you are considering full-time dance studies Our latest issue is part 2 of our Full-time guide for 2019, jam-packed with lots of advice and info to help you with the tricky decision of picking where to dance Full-Time. This issue also focuses on dancers health, with loads of articles from our fave health care professionals, to help you get to know your body, deal with preventing/recovering from injury and how to maintain yourself as dancer so you can keep dancing to the best of your ability!
Now that you’ve had a chance to learn all about the courses on offer out there from our July/Aug Full-Time issue, we have filled the new issue with teacher interviews from these amazing schools so that you can get to know a little bit about the people who will be guiding you in your career as a dancer.

Choosing where to study full-time can be daunting and connecting to your teacher is so important, so we have 38 pages of quotes from teachers who have all had successful careers in their field, as they offer advice, share stories of their experiences, discuss favouritism and give wonderful insights into the life of a full-time dance student. Make sure to check out the full interviews.

We talk to three awesome dancers who have all studied Full-Time here is Aus, before they head overseas to begin the next step in their journeys. One of these dancers is WAAPA student Katarina Gajic who is also featured on the cover! Equally as fabulous is Jett Shoesmith from National College of Dance and how could we resist talking to the divine Audrey Freeman from Tanya Pearson Academy before sh eleft Aus for The Royal Ballet School. We wish them all a massive chookas for their next amazing adventure.

As dancers we always want more! But how much is too much? Are we over stretching or overloading? Could we benefit from cross-training? Our health-care professionals help answer all these questions and so much more, including how to live with a dream with uncertain job prospects!

There are of course loads of photos of gorgeous dancers from around the country, with photo spreads from the RAD Festival of Dance in WA, the QLD Creative Generation Company dancers in Rehearsal and Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge 2018.

And the ‘piece de resistance’ an interview with Frances Rings who will be studied by NSW year 12 dance students from 2019-2021!


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