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Kinetica Physiotherapy – Creating the best you there is.

We help you protect, maintain and rehabilitate your body, so that you can continue to do what you love.

Located in two convenient North Shore locations we provide comprehensive dance physiotherapy services to dance students of all ages and participation levels. We provide expert, experienced care – with all of our therapists coming from a dance background.

We understand the rigours and challenges of dance training, and that there are certain injuries that occur almost only in dancers. We care for the developing dancer as their body changes from childhood through to adulthood.

Balgowlah                                                St Leonards

410 Sydney Rd                                       87 Chandos St

BALGOWLAH NSW 2093                  ST LEONARDS NSW 2065

Phone:                    02 9948 6188





Deb Wright

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Individual Services

Injury Rehabilitation

Pre-surgical Prehabilitation

Post surgical Management

Injury prevention programs

Stretching Programs

Strengthening Programs

PBT individualised programs

Prevention Services: In the last few years, Sports Medicine has made the positive shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to injury management. At Kinetica Physiotherapy we emphasise Safe Dance, and encourage dancers to engage in injury prevention programs which include:Dance Assessments: these are used for the dancer at any age to baseline their strengths and areas for work. Most commonly dance assessment screenings are conducted on the student entering or returning to full time dance. An individualised program over a number of subsequent sessions designed to achieve your dancing goals. We also educate full time dancers on workload management, so that they become confident in managing their load and recognising signs of overload. These programs are designed to protect young bodies and educate dancers regarding a healthy approach to dancing throughout their careers.

Pre pointe assessments: designed for the 10-12 year old student who has been recommended that they start the process of progressing onto pointe shoes. This 1 hour comprehensive assessment process provides the students baseline against several key area safety areas. A report is provided to the dance teacher, student and parent at the conclusion of the session, recapping the key points.

Education: Kinetica Physiotherapy provide lectures on Safe Dance to various full time dance schools, dance teachers, and HSC students.   These sessions are intended to equip dancers and teachers with practical knowledge and can be in the form of weekly tutorials, or a one off 1-2 hour lecture.

Physiotherapy led strength and conditioning: small group rehabilitation & prevention classes are run in both clinics. With the aid of pilates equipment including a reformer and Trapeze bed, strength and conditioning classes seek to address the client’s specific goals.

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410 Sydney Rd Balgowlah NSW 2093 Australia

87 Chandos St St Leonards NSW 2065 Australia