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NovDec 2020 – In This Issue

Akram Kahn

Hello amazing artists,

I am so excited to be getting out amongst you to capture you dancing again. Photo spreads this issue include ED5International Full-Time Sydney auditions with Sophie Johnston, Amy Carmichael, Nina Hurley, Aleira Rovira, Denzel Scott, Geneva Sampson, Sophia Hawkins, Teah Bell, Annabelle Barton and Calum Hall all making an appearance! I was also super chuffed to be given access into a rehearsal of Paquita being performed by Central Dance Company. What a beautiful company expertly guided by Director Patti Gleeson, Rehearsal Associate Ramona Ratas and Rehearsal Associate Gary Bowles. Featured company dancers captured for this issue include: Joseph Mallon, Alessandra Channing, Catalina Channing, Jade Dibley, Holly Garnett, Ashlyn Beggs, Misty Drady, Peyton Leslie-Fitch, Amelia Morgan, Sydney Mickle, Sinna O’Neil, Fern Cleary and Phoebe Meers. And although I can not claim to shooting WA Festival of Dance this year I am over the moon to feature: Tayla Berghan, Isabella Knight, Madeline Gill, Ashlee Tana, Madison Curtis, Zara Beattie, Ella Ravat, Isabella Smith, Aimee Yong, Zane Smith-Taylor, Jobama Obeira-Coleman, Holly Inglis, Phoenix Rowe, Phoebe Segman and Isobel Chamberlain all beautifully captured by DancePro Photography.

Every NovDec issue I publish stories on up-coming student dancers. I do this because I am in awe of the student dancer. Many dance for fun, many dance because they want to pursuer it as a career. At a time where their peers are going out, hanging out and generally exploring their independence, our young dancers on most days – if not all – are in a studio fine tuning their craft. And this year they turned their homes into studios so that, even during a pandemic, they could keep doing what they love. These students are incredibly disciplined and have maturity beyond their years so each year I like to make a big fuss about them. The 12 dancers I have featured in this issue are each at different stages of their training but they are all exceptional humans and absolutely divine dancers. I salute you all and look forward to following your journeys over the coming years.

They are…

Brittany Ford from ED5International

Joe Dufty and Gabrielle Witschi from National College of Dance

Leilani Holmes-Skrill from Sydney College of Dance

Bella Russell from Dance Dr.

Klara Solomon from Alegria dance Studios

Emily Vaughan from Joanne Grace School of Dance

Glori Pembroke from The Conlan College

Bri Skehan and Holly Taylor from QLD National Ballet School

Jemima Atkins from The McDonald College

Morganne Speirs from Tanya Pearson Academy

This issue I also publish my Accredited Part-Time Guide because many newcomers to the industry do not understand that we are a self-governed industry and whilst most of us run our businesses with sincere integrity and professionalism there are sadly always a few that do not adhere to these standards. dancetrain views an accredited studio as one that regularly places students in exams associated with a syllabi and or association.

Covering dancers health in this issue we have Katie Godwin, senior dance physiotherapist with Kinetica Physiotherapy talking about the benefits of having a physio teach a class at your studio. Michael Bellantonio, experienced dance physio from Southside Physio talks about when weight training should start for boys and why? Dance physio legend, Joanne Maskrey from InSync Physio and Pilates talks about why working both sides of the body, to get as close to equal as possible, will help prevent injuries. Legendary dance physio, Susie Bond from ACTIVATE Dance Physiotherapy talks about how making food compromises affects your long term health as well as puts you at a high risk for injury. Experienced dance physio, Susan Mclean from Sandgate Physical Health Club gives her perspective on how to achieve your best physical health. Leading senior psychologist, Jocelyn Penna from Focus Performance Psychology shares insights as to the part your brain plays when a career in dance is your preferred goal. Recognised dance physio, Emma Bramble of Sport & Spine Physiotherapy talks about some common injuries and how to avoid them. And Roz Penfold, leading specialist in sports physiotherapy from Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapy talks about motivation and why, at this time in particular, it may be a little low.

For students in Years 7-12 studying academic dance Catherine Reid talks about staying motivated in term 4. Brianna Lukes gives a fabulous account how empathy can be expressed through dance, Leslie Bell gives us an amazing summary of Musical Theatre and Stacy Morgan tells us how we study dance via Distance Education when it is not available at the school we currently attend.

As our very brave and amazing Victorians are released from those incredible restrictions and travel between states becomes something more of us can explore I wish you all a very safe and magical Christmas and New Year. Here’s hoping 2021 is a little kinder to us all.