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SepOct 2020 – In This Issue

Akram Kahn

Hello all,

This issue is dedicated to our dance teachers so before I start my letter to you I wanted to first acknowledge my own dance teachers…

Dear Philippa Davern, Valma Saill, Valma Briggs, Margaret Chapel and Jane Beckett, thank you.
It was because of your encouragement, praise and persistence that I gained confidence in my own abilities. You believed in me and that made me think I had enough talent to pursue a career in dance. Along with incredible technical foundations that saw me through to my retirement from stage with minimal injuries at 31 years of age, your belief grounded me to a career which gave my life focus, direction and stability. It has been well documented that it takes just one teacher, one person to believe in a child to change the trajectory of that child’s life. I had five and I will be forever grateful.
xox Danielle Brown
dancetrain Editor

In this issue we have some incredible interviews with some of our finest educators. Teachers can be quite isolated and even more so in the current climate. I hope you enjoy reading their stories and in reading them, feel inspired, and rejuvenated as well as feeling more connected to those around you who are experiencing similar pathways. Our future is not as certain as it used to be and we are all navigating this new terrain.

For students and families considering transitioning to full-time dance study in 2021 I think you will find great value in reading these interviews with our industries leaders. Their knowledge, skills and insight set the benchmark for dance training in our country, training that is internationally recognised for its exceptional standard.

This issue we were unbelievably honoured that Akram Kahn accepted our interview request. Akram talks about his process, his intention, and his responsibility as a contemporary dance artist as well as his influences and collaborations. This is particularly fabulous for our NSW Dance students who have the option of choosing Akram as he is on the list of seminal artists that students can study in the HSC Dance Course as part of their Major Appreciation.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, we also have an interview with leading Australian artist, Meryl Tankard, who discuses choreography tools as well as her favourite works and her latest project.

Every issue we include several articles on dancers health and this issue is no exception. Katie Godwin, a leading dance physiotherapist with Kinetica in Sydney gives her final article in a 3 part series about the foot and ankle. Susie Bond, specialised dance physiotherapist in Sydney talks about the exercise Clam and when it is most appropriate to use this exercise, which is commonly used for assisting turn-out. Victoria Ching, physiotherapist and pilates practitioner from Grounded Movement in Melbourne talks to us about why dancers all over the world love pilates.

Jocelyn Penna, a senior psychologist from Focus Performance, who has successfully helped many dancers around the country online to process issues particularly relevant to dancers, talks to us about Change and how the current climate is impacting our young dancers. Susan McLean, dance physiotherapist with Sandgate Physical Health in QLD talks about ‘fishing’ the foot and why it is imperative young dancers understand how this incorrect alignment can cause long-term issues. Emma Bramble a dance physiotherapist with Sport & Spine Physiotherapy in Newcastle talks about injuries in a COVID-19 world.

And finally I would like to give me heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of my clients who are supporting the continuation of dancetrain throughout this epidemic. I am greatly humbled. Thank you Simon Wilkenfeld from BLOCH, Graeme Taylor from Capezio, Lisa Pavane from The Australian Ballet School, Li Cuxin from Queensland Ballet, Elena De Cinque from ED5International, Brett and Vicki Morgan from National College of Dance, Gregor Thieler and Xanthe Geeves from Sydney College of Dance, Anton Maz from WAAPA, Karen McKnight from Grishko Australia, Kathleen Hamilton from Australian Institute of Classical Dance, Nichola Hall from Royal Academy of Dance Australia, Diane Grant from ACPE, Jasmina Stefkovski from Melbourne Academy of the Arts, Nicole Sharp from Tanya Pearson Academy, Marcus Pearce from Conroy Performing Arts College, Amanda Bollinger from Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy, Martyn and Tracey Fleming from QLD National Ballet School, Gillian Revie from Classical Ballet 121, Hao Bin from Queensland Dance Centre, Rider D Vierling from Newcastle Ballet Theatre, Vivien Borg from Cecchetti Australia, Lee-Anne Di Stefano from NCAT, Michelle Sierra from Victorian State Ballet, Susan Anderssen from The Conlan College, Michelle Hoffman from Turning Point Dance, Peter O’Connor and Kelly Aykers from Kelly Aykers Full-Time, Jason Coleman from Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance, Jo Cotterill from Lee Academy, Deanna Castellana from Queensland College of Dance.

It is because of your ongoing support we are able to continue to give dancers hope, inspiration and the latest information and research to help them through the most difficult time period we have ever been faced with as an industry. Your support will be remembered and appreciated for always. Thank you, I really am so humbled and honoured.