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JanFeb 2020 – In This Issue

Full-Time Performing Arts Issue

Hello wonderful humans,
Our JanFeb issue is 112 pages and On Sale Now! Remember in order to have a dance industry we need to support it with the choices we make everyday. Saving your dollars to see shows (big and small), attend workshops as well as visiting your local dance shop for a copy of dancetrain are all actions that contribute to the health of our industry. These choices ensure there will still be an industry when it is your time to become a professional!

Well it would seem the resounding message amongst our peers is that competitions are a great part of the dancers journey – if – and only if they are done in moderation and kept in perspective. What does this mean? Well if you are competing every weekend and receiving dozens of trophies but can’t recall any of them or really value and appreciate any of those experiences, then it is time to cut down on how many competitions you do. The other sage piece of advice is class work, technique and repetition are the building blocks for a great dancer and a healthy body. No one in the professional world will ever ask you how many comps you won. They have no value in the professional world. But we don’t all dance to become professionals do we? So what if you just love to dance and competing is a great way to perform? Well then the advice is the same for you because in order to be able to keep dancing you must spend the majority of your time focusing on your technique. It is unbelievably easy to get caught up in the perceived ‘need’ to compete but once you pull back and choose just a couple of comps, I promise you, it will not be long before you feel the benefits. Fortunately for us we have a great choice of comps out there and in this issue we have put together a list of our favourites. Comps that encourage you to not only do your best but also support you to encourage others to do their best – not just the dancers from your studio. So many of our professionals dancers say that they met lifelong friends at competitions – many from other studios – so enjoy making a new friend, performing and supporting others and make the most out of your 2020 comp season.

During 2019 I had the great pleasure of talking with a lot of professional company dancers both here in Oz and overseas (from big and small companies) and I was very disappointed to hear about how ‘dance politics’ is getting in the way of making this industry the best it can be. Unsavoury behaviour varies from dancers making up stories about other dancers to shame them, negative comments to Artistic Directors about other dancers and pushing in during class. Many believe this behaviour stems from our training institutions and it goes on to infiltrate our professional companies. I think this topic, especially at this time of year, should remind us to be kind and courteous – all the time. No matter your mood, jealousies or perceived position in the class. Each individual has the choice to make this industry great and that starts now, in your very next class. Say hello to the new person, don’t judge the dancer because they are struggling, don’t envy the dancer who is better than you – learn from them, be inspired by them. Lift each other up higher – doing this will help you reach goals and make this industry the place you will love to work in. It is all very well to want to be a professional dancer but what sort of work environment do you want? One where lies and judging is rewarded, where you constantly have to worry or one where you are nourished and supported? It is up to you!

I have had the absolute blast of attending many graduations this year and in this issue I share with you a collection from some of my favourites. In Melbourne who could resist Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance Grad? This year held at the Meat Market – a very cool venue and perfect for this team with their super creative stage skills was friggin amazing! Village Nation back in my home town of Sydney was next and this body of work encompassed all things woman – very inspiring.

On October 2nd in 2019 Tianna Kooloos who is currently a trainee with The Joffrey Academy in Chicago posted a sincere message on Facebook about her struggles with Anorexia. I was among many dancers who responded to her. Her story along with Dr Kate Fennessy’s advice (clinical psychologist) is essential reading for all – parents, dancers and especially teachers. Lets talk about this more! Each of these topics are covered in detail in our JanFeb issue and written by a team of dancers and industry professionals who are experts in their field. Support your local dance store & pick up a copy today. And please keep stretching and using those muscles over the holidays. Going back to dance after a big break is one of the highest risk periods where you are likely to suffer an injury!

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