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“It is wonderful to see such incredible creativity from both the dancers and dance schools and we never cease to be amazed how they outdo themselves each year.” – Peter Gillahan from National Photography

DT: What’s the photo day process for dancers and groups?
Peter: Each dancer and dance school is different and we always do our best to ensure this is reflected in the time we spend with each dancer and in the final photos that we produce. On photo day we always take the time to capture a group photo of each class or troupe, as well as an individual photo of each dancer. The time per dancer will vary depending on the age of the dancers, the size of the class/troupe and how many dancers need to be captured on a particular day. We will usually spend a bit of extra time with the very young dancers to make sure they are comfortable and give us their best smiles, as well the senior dancers to allow us to capture more technical poses such as a jeté or side splits.
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Started by Peter Gillahan in 1991, National Photography has its head office is in Victoria, and employs 45 photographers across Victoria and New South Wales.

What has enabled us to grow, above all, is our commitment to the highest levels of service.

Listening to our customers has always been a priority of ours, and it’s because of this that we’ve been the chosen ongoing photographer for many of our clients over 20 years.