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Academic dance

If you are teaching academic dance or studying academic dance you will find these articles incredibly helpful!

Jiří Kylián – Sarabande by Shelly Kelly – An excerpt from the Sept/Oct 2015 issue

In our Sep/Oct 2015 issue, High School Dance teacher Shelly Kelly interviews Jiří Kylián because from this year on his 1990 piece Sarabande is set for study in the NSW Higher School Certificate Dance Course.
Shelly states: “What strikes me most about Kylián is the philosophical way in which he communicates his insights and the way he encourages us to think for ourselves when engaging with his works.”
Shelly’s full interview with Jiří Kylián is available for download when you purchase a single issue or a subscription from our online store

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Sue Healey’s ‘Fine Line’: HSC Dance Appreciation Resource by Shelly Kelly – An excerpt from the May/Jun 2015 issue

For the first time in our history, a local female artist has been placed on the list of prescribed texts for the NSW HSC Dance Course. For those of you studying Dance at school, you will no doubt come across Sue Healey and her work Fine Line at some point. Originally from New Zealand, Sue Healey has been instrumental in the development of Australian contemporary dance and dance film since the 1980’s. Sue says, “I think Australian dance is highly placed on the world stage and worthy of being studied by the next generation of dancers. Australian work needs to be on the curriculum every year! It is critical for the development of the artform and audiences.”

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