• July/August – In this issue

    Hello fabulous dancers, If you are considering full-time dance studies over the next couple of years we have a smorgasbord of options for you to choose from. For many of [...]
  • Eisteddfods & Competitions 2018

    COMPETITIONS A quick guide… By Rachael Sutton Show… Location… Location is a key consideration; as a general rule anything under a one-hour drive is best… you [...]
  • Back Stage & Studio Suppliers

    dancetrain’s recommended suppliers guide includes testimonials from each business so you don’t have to take their word for how good they are, the industry is [...]
  • Syllabi & Associations

    Do you get really nervous at exam time and find it hard to even look at your examiner? Well just like you, your examiners were once a student of dance. We talk to one [...]
Amanda Britton - Artist Director of Rambert School talks about resilience, contemporary dance and injuries
Genée International Ballet Competition, Hong Kong
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Moulin Rouge Auditions
Queensland Ballet Academy and Company Auditions for 2018, Pre-Professional Program, Jette Parker Young Artists and Company Artists.